Towl Park Journal Day 78, March 20, 2017

Towl Park Journal Day 78, March 20, 2017

Really need this peaceful park today. I spent the morning at the DMV. Actually, yes. The WHOLE morning. I arrived around 9 and left at 12:30 with my mind barely intact. I learned so much.


I had arrived cranky. After getting a reminder notice that my driver's license needed to be renewed, I tried unsuccessfully to do so online. I was halted because I had renewed online last time, so I was ineligible to do it again. I figured that it would take an hour or so out of my morning, so I went to the Treasurer's office and wondered what was going on. The only parking places left were far away from the building. I discovered that everyone was here to either renew their driver's license, change it or get a replacement because they lost it. all kinds of property taxes for all kinds of things. Everything was coded. Driver's license renewal was an A. I dutifully took a number. It was 49. I glanced up to see what number they were on. It was 18. WHAT? Shit. I filled out the right forms. I put down my eye color and hair color. My height. Shaved fifteen pounds off of my weight. And then sat. And sat. And sat. And sat. I was one of the lucky ones. I had a seat. Many did not. I looked around. No magazines. But a television was mounted to a wall. It was set on CNN. I watched as Comey testified about Trump's accusation that Obama was wiretapping him.


A woman sitting a few seats away from me suddenly exploded that she didn't see why we had to watch "commie CNN." That it was all fake news. Everyone knew that! And Comey was an old ex-lover of Hilary Clinton's. Of course, he was going to stick up for her other ex-lover, Obama.


I stared, openmouthed. I wanted to ask her if she remembered Trump praising Comey for his "bravery" for re-opening the Clinton file nine days before the election? What did she think of THAT? But, I held my tongue. I've learned from experience that it does no good to try and reason with people like this woman. When she went back to reading her National Enquirer, I chuckled to myself. Figures.


Another man sat down next to me and we consoled each other on our number status. We were now on number 25. Yet, my number 49 was better than his number 58.


"This is crazy," he grumbled. "I took a half day off to do this today. Now, it looks like I'm going to need a whole day." We both sighed.


The woman on the other side of me complained that she'd tried to renew online but it wouldn't let her because her birthday had been in October. "They give you a year to renew, so that's just bullshit!" she exclaimed.


I told her that actually you had to renew up to 90 days before your birthday. She shook her head.


"No! You're wrong, lady."


I shrugged my shoulders. Then, she pointed at the TV screen. I mentally groaned, fearing what was coming. And there it was.


"I just hate it that they're so mean to Donny," she said. "He has a heart of gold."


I didn't comment. No, I thought...not a heart of gold, but certainly a tower of gold.


"You know my son lost his job last month and he didn't want to pay for that pricey cobra, so he found some new health insurance. He found a policy for 93 dollars a month! God BLESS, President Trump! He would never have got a deal like that with Obamacare."


I stared at her. This kind of stupidity was just too much. I tried to be quiet. Couldn't.


"Your son got Obamacare," I told her, probably a little too crossly. "The Republican health care plan hasn't even passed the senate yet. It is not in practice yet."


She literally sneered at me. "For your information, Donald put his plan in place the day he was elected our president. We're all safe now."


I gaped at her. And then didn't. Instead, I glanced over at the man next to me. He grinned painfully at me and mouthed the word: TRUMPER.


I nodded in sad agreement. Good hell. They're everywhere you look. How can so many who think this way (or don't bother to think) exist?


I listened while the Trump lady with the expired driver's license talked to the woman on the other side of her about her father in law and his love of his meals on wheels volunteer.


I sighed to myself. Some will just have to learn the hard way. Two hours later, my number was called. Now, I am at Towl Park, feeling my shoulders relax. It's the first day of spring. The sun is out. There's a robin singing on a fence.


Let me let go of this day. There. Thank you.

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