Towl Park Journal Day 75, March 9, 2017

Towl Park Journal Day 74, March 9, 2017

Brrhh. Acclimating. Acclimating. I feel as if that's all I do these days. It gets warm, like really warm. Early summer warm. I acclimate. Then it goes back to cold. Like late winter cold. I acclimate again.


My massage therapist tells me that it is this kind of weather that causes even us hardy prairie dwellers to get sick. That the constant back and forth of cold and warm confuses our body's immune system, causing it to go a little loopy and then we get sick. I haven't been sick since early January and I want to keep it that way. I sternly advise my immune system to just keep adjusting, just keep on keeping on, sista. I give it a good pep talk.


The Canadian snow geese couple are back on the pond today. I wonder how they're acclimating. I wonder if snow geese catch colds. They aren't the leisurely gliders of last week. Today, they swim back and forth across the pond briskly as if they are doing laps. Maybe it is a way to stay warm.


A jogger and her beautiful collie are running around the pond at a fast clip. The collie stops now and then to bark at the geese who pointedly ignore him as if they are at a pool party and he's that obnoxious neighbor that is always too loud, thus prudently ignored. This annoys him, but he's a dog. Dogs never seem to take things personally or carry a grudge. They can be furiously barking away and then their attention is easily diverted by another shiny object. I figure that all dogs either have ADHD or are so cool that nothing really gets them over-the-edge upset.


The tan (champagne) colored truck is back today after a long absence. My curiousity is big large. I tell myself that maybe he will find his destination soon and stop with this limbo. That whatever pain is in his head will get worked out and he will go back to his family's patiently waiting arms.


Or not. Either way, this is his story to choose to tell. I may or may not ever know it.


Like this lone male cardinal at our backyard feeder and bird bath. Cardinals are notoriously known for traveling in pairs. Sometimes, you will find two females together or two males, but, in general, they are a male and a female. There is one cardinal who comes to our bird bath and feeder alone all of the time. Always alone. Maybe he likes it that way. Maybe he's a bird who doesn't want any complications. Maybe this arrangement works fine for him. He doesn't have to wait to eat so that his mate can do so while he stands guard. Maybe he doesn't find the idea of fatherhood appealing at all.


Maybe that is the man in the truck's story. Maybe he has a story that's none of my business or perhaps he has no story at all, except that he digs being alone with no need to check in with anyone else. For now, maybe all he needs is the comfort of good books and a truck. Pretty sunrises and sunsets.


Maybe there isn't a story or the story is one that I would dislike knowing. Dislike hearing.


For now, I'll just let it go.

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