Towl Park Journal Day 52, January 18, 2017

Towl Park Journal Day 52, January 18, 2017

It is supposed to be 50 degrees today and near 50 degrees all week, so I hope to get a few days of park in. As I drive into the parking lot here, though....I am a little distressed. It's just one big soppy mess. I can't imagine what a dog's feet would look like after tromping through this to get to the park. The park is very quiet, too, as if everyone has driven up, glanced at the mess they have to troop through and thought better of it. I spot one lone fisherman as I gingerly step around the puddles and find a dry place to lower my lawn chair.


It's been a crappy week, but I can't complain too loudly I am, sitting OUTSIDE IN A LAWN CHAIR and only wearing a sweater and it is JANUARY. THIS is my kind of winter.


It seems to me as if the last few days have been spent in weather wariness mode. Sunday, the day before an ice storm was supposed to hit, was a dark, menacing day. The grocery stores were mobbed by us city folk trolling for extra loaves of bread, gallons of milk and cartons of eggs. Therese and I did just the opposite of everyone else. We skipped grocery shopping with the idea that if our electricity went out, we wouldn't have a lot to throw out when it came back on again. The less in the fridge, the better. People in the Towl Park area understand that we pay a price for all those trees in our yards. We often lose power during storms.


I really hate waiting for a storm to hit. It feels jittery. This storm started out weak and, to our great joy, stayed that way. Most schools were out on Monday anyway for MLK day, but then they were closed on Tuesday as well. While many side streets were okay, some were still pretty icy. Best not to court trouble.


To make matters worse, I have had a cold for over a week that was not showing any signs of improving. I was waking up wheezing in the middle of the night, my ears were so plugged up that I could barely hear the television. I needed the volume turned up so high that Therese finally suggested that we just shut it off. I couldn't decide if I was hot or cold. I threw sweaters on only to yank them off ten minutes later. I had a fever. I was in luck, though. I had an appointment with my rheumatologist on Tuesday. I went in to see him for a joint check-up. When my doctor came in the patient room, he asked if that was me coughing in the waiting room. I said yes and held up my hankie.


"I covered my mouth," I told him.


"You sounded like Typhoid Mary," he returned and wrote out a prescription for anti-biotics. So, it is day 2 on Bactrim. Fingers crossed.


The warmth of this day feels so good. I sit in my chair and resolve to think of ten things that make me love my world.


When we were stuck in the house during the storm, we had CNN on almost constantly and it soured my already gloomy mood. I am mortified at the thought of Donald Trump in OUR White House. A good friend of mine said it best in her tweet: "I feel like my kind and good dad is leaving and mom's new boyfriend is a slick creep with orange hair, a fake tan, and a smug face and he is pulling in our driveway behind the wheel of a Trans Am."


I just can't get that family portrait out of my head. The one where Donald is perched on a golden throne with Melania beside him in a slit up dress with one long leg sticking out and a perfect model's puckered lip pout. And there's Barron a few feet away from them riding a giant fake lion. THIS is our new first family? I. Just. Can't.


So, I won't. Instead, I will think of ten good things in life.


1) Waking up at 5 a..m. and realizing that it is Saturday and you don't have to get up in an hour to head to work.

2) Dogs that look like they're smiling.

3) Fudge.

4) The way orange juice tastes when your cold is finally gone.

5) A letter in the mail from a friend who is a really good writer.

6)The fact that Jon Snow isn't dead.

7)A book that you can't put down.

8) Walking out of the dentist's office after getting your teeth cleaned and checked and knowing that you don't have to go back for six months.

9) Bruce Springsteen.

10) Long talks with someone you can trust, sitting in a booth, drinking good coffee.


There. That's better.

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