Towl Park Journal Day 46, December 28, 2016

Towl Park Journal Day 46, December 28, 2016

Another nice day spent at Towl Park. The first thing I see are two teenaged boys skateboarding. Yes. The end of December and kids are on skateboards! I am loving this. The dogs? They seem to either love them or hate them. And so many walkers! To my surprise, almost all are teenagers. Either there are some really fit conscious teens in Omaha or there's an afternoon rave going on somewhere nearby.


Everyone looks SO gleeful. No worries about school today. Just gliding around on a skateboard with friends.


I'm physically stuffed after a morning breakfast shared with my sister at Duggers. The best part is that if you eat like a pig in the morning, you have all day to burn it off. So, I walk around the pond before settling down in my chair. Sadly, the ducks seem to have disappeared.


An older woman walks by me with her tiny Toto dog. She isn't friendly, so we don't visit, although she does converse with her dog. Today, Toto is wearing a very hideous bright orange sweater with hot pink pom poms. Toto looks very uncomfortable and a little enraged. He reminds me of a child forced to wear that ugly sweater that Great Aunt Enid knitted for him. Or...Ralphie on "A Christmas Story" in his pink bunny pajamas. Toto's owner bends at the waist to chide him for not "making a poo." Toto gives her a pleading look, as if to say, "Just take me home and I swear I'll go in the back yard. I'm mortified in this get-up. PLEASE!!!" His human shakes a little green bag at him. "This is supposed to have a poo in it!" Toto looks around nonchalantly, hoping against hope that people won't associate him with her, even though she holds his leash. Finally, she cuts him a break, picks him up and carries him to her car, saying, "You're a stubborn little cootie boy, aren't you? Yes, you are!" He licks her nose, relieved to be leaving.


An older couple walks past me, pulling on gloves. The man fusses a little over the woman, pulling the hood of her jacket over her head. He playfully tells her, "You don't want your little bald spot in the back of your head to get cold, miss." She laughs and retorts, "Hey, bald man? Who're you talking to now?" They link gloved fingers and set off.


A woman with two huge, unleashed dogs walks by me. The dogs lope off into the trees while she fitfully cries out at them to "come back NOW!" I swear that they look as if they're laughing at her as they briefly turn to look at her and then head deeper into the woodsy area. She whips out her phone and calls someone to tell them that "The dogs have gotten loose again. I'll need some help down here at Towl to round them up."


I think to myself, AGAIN? This has happened before and she can't figure out to put them on a leash? But, of course I don't comment. Sometimes, we have to learn lessons over and over for them to sink in or maybe she just wants some company in the park. Or, a little drama in her life to keep things interesting.


One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to be not so judgmental. I could probably start that today!

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